Wednesday, September 30, 2009

already missed a day!

i've had this blog for less than a week, and i've already missed a day. my laziness has no limits. even right now, i'm sitting here trying to write a blog post, but i can't turn off the TV.

(30 minutes later) there; i've turned it off. i'm really hoping that this weekend, i put together some solid sets, and that i can edit a good promo video out of it. i have no idea how big or small the crowds will be. Rich Vos is not popular out here in the NW, as far as i know. i'm hoping he'll draw enough people to make it fun.

i've got nothing else

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 2

i had a fantastic time last night at the show in Kingston. i felt connected to an audience that i had almost nothing in common with. i felt in command and focused, so focused that i lost track of time and was surprised when my alarm went off. it's time i got my shit together in the networking department. i've been so afraid that i'm not ready for the next step, that i've been dragging my feet. i'm ready. hopefully, tomorrow, i'll be writing about my new promo video.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introduction To My Blog

this, hopefully, is where i will find an idea for a book. i'm going to do a lot of bitching, whining, complaining, and judging here; but i'm also going to write about good stuff. unfortunately, the bitching, whining, complaining, and judging, are going to far outweigh the good stuff. that's just the way my attitude is.

i think that i could write a really informative book about food service: how to be a good server; how to be a good guest; how to impress dates at a restaurant; reflections of restaurant behavior on your personality; etc. the problem is no one would probably read it. how many people out there even care how they're supposed to act in a restaurant? not enough, if you ask me.

i also think i could write a really interesting book about my life. everyone is different, and i believe that most people have an interesting life story. i take for granted that i've had such a full life so far. i've lived in some interesting places, had an interesting family experience, had an interesting sex life (interesting to me, anyway), and had an interesting drug and recovery experience. all of that is very "interesting", but again, who cares but me? what do i have to say that is so different from other people? what perspective do i offer that others don't?

so i have decided to start a blog. i want to write more often, and have a place where i can find it easily. i don't think anyone other than me will be reading these, except when i title them "dirty sex". it's for me. more of a journal than a blog. the goal is to spend 15 minutes a day (for now) writing. i have done that now, and i don't want to go overboard today, or i'll burn out already.

that must have something to do with my (self-diagnosed) OCD. i always go full throttle with something new, and then just lose interest. the only thing i haven't gotten bored with yet is comedy. that's what makes me believe i've chosen the correct path. i am as excited today about comedy as i was the first time i went to an open mic. in fact, i'm more excited. but everything else seems to fall through my fingers once i get hold of it. for example, i joined a gym a year ago, went for two weeks, then forgot about it. now, two months ago, i decided to go back to the gym. so i paid $100 to renew my membership. i've gone once. now i just want to cancel it again. what about rollerblading? i bought a $200 pair of rollerblades five years ago, wore them once, then buried them in a box with my old football gear. last year, i pulled them out, started going to Greenlake a couple of times a week, then just quit again right when i was starting to feel comfortable on them. the list goes on and on. so i want to do this blog/journal right. in fact, i'm going to stop here, before i get too long winded and decide it's too much. see you tomorrow. (?)